How Bullet-Proof Are Police Cars

Police cars have never been so safe. Police departments across the country are updating their fleet of vehicles to provide protection for officers and the public. For decades, police cars were rarely equipped with the same level of protection for officers and civilians as the military had. That’s changing.

Manufacturers are constantly innovating, using new materials and technology to engineer stronger and more durable police vehicle armor. Police vehicles are constructed to be bulletproof, but for added protection, many officers wear bulletproof vest.

The evolution of police window armor has been a long, complicated process. In the early years of policing, wearing a bulletproof vest was more than enough protection for officers. As time went on and more criminals became more advanced, police vehicle armor became an issue. Vehicles were taking more damage and officers were not as safe.

So are today’s police cars bulletproof? 

The answer is yes. Since 2016, police cars manufactured in America have been equipped with doors and windows that are designed to stop armor-piercing bullets. But not all police cars on the streets are fully armored.

If your department has police cars that are not fully upgraded, our team at Laguna 3P will gladly give your squad the protection they deserve.

Laguna 3P is a trusted source for the installation of armor to protect police cars. We offer top-of-the-line window armor. Window barriers provide maximum visibility and protection from windows getting kicked out and possible escape attempts.

Our windows are designed with high-strength steel with a black powder coat finish. They have a smooth surface.

And most importantly, they have a punch square design to provide easier visibility for officers to see through from the outside of the vehicle.

If you need ballistic glass installed, we have you covered. Give Laguna 3P a call today.

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