Reasons To Hire An Experienced Attorney For Vehicle Accident Claims

Reasons To Hire An Experienced Attorney For Vehicle Accident Claims. If you have recently been injured in a car accident due to the negligence of another person, then you may have reasons to file a motor vehicle accident claim.
Motor vehicle accident claims are subject to strict time limits, and you could lose your chance of getting compensation if you don’t act within the stipulated time.
Lawyers are well aware of the time limits that need to be followed and can help ensure you are not timed and therefore prevented from filing a claim.

An attorney can help determine if you are eligible to file a car accident claim and receive compensation.
Generally, if you are injured in a car accident as a driver, passenger, or pedestrian, then you are entitled to file a car accident claim according to the insurance scheme.

It is highly recommended to hire a personal injury lawyer if you experience with the following Situation:

  • You received a minor or serious personal injury as a result of a car accident
  • The car accident took a fatal toll
  • You need medical care
  • If you suffer emotional trauma, pain, and suffering, lose the friendship
  • There was a dispute about which driver was at fault
  • Other drivers are not insured or documents do not appear to be accurate (police reports, insurance communications).


The number of traffic accidents that occur every year is steadily increasing and they can result in serious injury to the people involved. Personal Injury Law Office of Tulsa are experienced professionals who specialize in handling motor vehicle and auto injury claims.

Hiring a lawyer for accidents that weren’t my fault

Hiring Personal Injury Law Office attorney can also help ensure you receive fair compensation by arranging assessments with medical professionals, researching case law regarding your injury, and determining your financial losses such as loss of income.
Your attorney can also help you understand whether your injury falls under the Minor Injury Rules or not.

Hiring a personal injury attorney also has the advantage of protecting you from any appearance that you are partly responsible for the accident, which is called related negligence.
Your attorney will investigate the circumstances of the accident, obtain a copy of the police report and witness statement, and ensure that responsibility for the accident is properly determined.
This will help ensure you receive fair compensation for your injury, without deduction for any related negligence.

Reasons for Hiring an Experienced Attorney For Accident Claims


It seems clear to you who is guilty, but the other party and the insurance company may disagree.
Lawyers are personally involved in the investigation, visiting the crash site to gather evidence that may later prove important.
We also have the resources to hire professional investigators and accident reconstruction experts in the event of liability.

Medical knowledge

A lawyer with experience in the medical aspects of your case.
Can make a causal link between your injury and the negligence of others, and be skilled at documenting medical progress and describing its impact on your life – activities you no longer enjoy, effects on your ability to work, and persistent pain or disability.
Without legal assistance, the average person could lose thousands of dollars in potential damage.

Insurance company

Insurers have an incentive to pay as late as possible and as little as possible.
They are able to play the waiting game.
We are wise with the tactics that insurance companies use to refuse, delay or minimize settlement.
Attorneys know what facts will convince the insurer that your injury is real and your damage is justified.
Reasons To Hire An Experienced Attorney For Vehicle Accident Claims.

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