What is Rust Penetrating Oil and How Does It Remove Rust

Rust is a major problem that corrodes your metals. It can be tough to get rid of rust after you get it, but there’s an easy solution—rust penetrating oil. Rust penetrating oils work by soaking in the rust and breaking it down. They help loosen rust up to be scraped or scrubbed right off (making it less of a pain to deal with).

This can save you time and money. So if you have rust in your home or business, then rust penetrating oil is something you should look into.

What Is A Rust Penetrating Oil?

Rust penetrating oil (rust oil) is a liquid and is different from any other type of penetrating oil. Rust penetrant works by covering the surface of the rusted area with an oily solution. The oil allows the rust to be removed using a standard cleaning pad or ball. To prevent any damage to the part after using rust penetrating oil, you will need to remove all of the loose gunk by using hot water and possibly a brush before applying paint or coating it.

A good rust penetrant contains one or more of these acids:

  • acetic
  • caprylic
  • citric
  • formic
  • lactic
  • oxalic
  • phosphoric
  • sulfamic

All of these acids have the ability to dissolve rust on contact and then physically pull the dissolved metal out from under the surface of the metal.


Rust has always been a problem that affects all metals. While there are many factors that cause rust, like temperature, humidity, and microbes, the easiest way to stop its initial appearance is to use a penetrating oil such as Kroil. With a good rust penetrating oil, you know your metallic machines will serve you longer and more efficiently.

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